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The view from up here/down here/round here/under here

September 16, 2011

Again with the long stint of no blogging.  This Becky is a total slacker [reach to remove her from Google Reader], but WAIT!  STOP!  I can explain!  No really, a moment of personal confession.  I’ve got about 8 posts waiting to be written.  I have notes in my phone, on my iPad, even in emails friends have sent me.  My head is full of rants and things.  But instead of my WordPress dashboard here’s what I’ve been looking at lately:

Ever wonder those cars atop tow trucks see? Well, you can put your wonder to rest.

About 3 weeks ago, our van broke down near Roanoke, Virginia as we were coming home from a serial dramatic family life situation that went something like this:

-Beloved aunt’s funeral
-Spontaneous “our 3 year-old has never seen the ocean!!!” family vacation to the beach
-Another beloved aunt hospitalized, her developmentally disabled adult son moves in with my parents
-Return trip home from beach diverted to my panicked, grieving parents’ house
-Week of legal and medical drama
-Rare east coast earthquake at our house while we were away
-Race to beat hurricane Irene to our house (hurricane FTW)
-Family van breaks down, our whole family rides in said van atop a flat bed tow truck (PS-a stomach bug hits me while we look for rental car, Subway lunch rejected)
-Family returns home and both children (3 and 5) begin their first week of school [which in itself is a tale I’ll save for later] while husband becomes acquainted with every possible bus route within a 15-mile radius of our house.
-And oh yeah, we had a flood.

This is one of many reasons I have Jesus on speed dial

I wonder how anyone becomes a real writer, much less a regular blogger, even less a mommy blogger.  I barely have time to sleep.  Things are happening to us so fast and in such swollen waves that it’s hard to come up for air.  Forget looking around, or reflecting upon the landscape of one’s life and making sarcastic quips.

The school year has started and it’s forcing me into new routines.  Hopefully it will force me into actual routines and not this “today we’re doing this, but tomorrow we’re doing that” that has characterized our entire summer and threatens to bleed into the fall.

After three weeks of waiting for parts and answers and resolution, the minivan comes home from Roanoke today.  I’m hoping that with this one thing falling into place, I can get back into the driver’s seat in other ways.  Maybe without carpooling every member of the family in different directions, I’ll even find time to post a thing or two.

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  1. September 16, 2011 10:22 pm

    You’re gonna make it!

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