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Turning Back the Tide

December 5, 2011

Last night, while the hubs and I were watching TV, we happened across this somewhat fantastic commercial targeted at [gasp!] dads who do the family laundry:

Other than the on-the-nose “laundry is classic problem-solving” washerman apologetic, this ad is pretty, pardon the pun, spot-on.  You have a dad who doesn’t  “chip in” or “help out” but actively participates because, you know, he lives there and is capable as a grown man of washing not only his dirty clothes, but other people’s too.

AND, he can braid hair!  (A task these arthritic female fingers have rarely accomplished.)  In different styles!  (I have no idea what “herringbone” and “fishtail” are.  Juvenille arthritis robbed me of that, I guess, as all my dolls kept the hairdos they were wearing in the box.)  What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man,™ right?  -Trademark Salt n’ Pepa.


My husband grabbed the iPad off the nightstand and started to look up the commercial, “I bet you wanna share this on Facebook, huh?”  He found it on YouTube and read the title out loud, “Tide…Long Version.”  I grinned.  “I bet that’s even better!”

“Dad mom”?  What is that?  German?  We don’t combine nouns like that here in ‘Merica.  I don’t even know what that is. “Dad dads” and “Mom moms?”  I guess being a “dad mom” leaves you so insecure, you have to exit on a manly note.  Hey “brute,” why don’t you just go behind that cozy armchair and take a pee?  Standing up!  Ha ha!  That will show those working “mom dads” who’s boss.

And, I’m really sad that the “dad dads” you know are “astonished” that you know how to dress a four-year-old.  I guess you’ve never met my husband.  He can change a diaper with the kid standing up.  That’s right, he’s SupermanBoom.

PS- that’s not the frilliest girl dress.  This is:

Helen Mirren's granddaughter as Queen Elizabeth in miniature

Iron and fold THAT, Commando.

I went from being proud of the detergent I would probably-maybe use if I used expensive, eco-unfriendly detergent, to being completely outraged that once again American commercial culture has failed.  Mom: she does your laundry.  Dad: he does crunches??  You know who doesn’t have to follow his cup of tea with crunches to prove he’s a man?  This guy:

Earl Grey. HOT.

This Tide commercial is completely insulting to all parents, those who work at home and those who work outside the home.  Like those at their desks in large detergent companies.  All they’re peddling are dirty stereotypes.  We’re better than this, America.  Clean it up, guys.

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  1. Kate permalink
    December 5, 2011 9:24 pm

    Also outrageously offensive, yet ANOTHER Tide ad. Ugh. More reasons not to use expensive, eco-unfriendly detergent.


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