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Stuff I read: Weekend Edition

February 5, 2012

I can honestly say I’ve been too busy to get to this this week and I’m sure someone will be peeved that I’m blogging on the Sabbath, but it is what it is.

Women Stuff (aka: where humanity still needs work)

  • This article in the New York Times called “Pregnant and Pushed Out of a Job.”  Pregnancy discrimination is illegal (mostly) and still happening.  A lot.  Parental status discrimination happens, too, and as a future foster/adoptive parent who knows this too well, I speak the truth.  An important read, this one.
  • This post from the National Partnership for Women and Families on the 19th anniversary of the Family Medical Leave Act, with a good critique of what has yet to be accomplished for women and families.
  • Too many things about Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood!  I pretty balanced having read anti-PP and pro-PP rants all week.  I’m still not entirely sure what’s going on there.  As far as I can gather, PP is still eligible for grants from Komen (though they have boatloads of cash from the feds) for performing breast exams.  I did learn a little from this AP article about PP and breast cancer screening, etc.  I don’t like the way abortion is minimized like it’s not an important part of their business, but I’m glad to see someone pointing out the good in some of their non-lethal services.

Stuff I read that’s funny (aka: why I love McSweeney’s Internet Tendency)


Stuff I read that continues to inspire me:

  • This piece by NPR on the Lovings, an interracial couple who fought for their marriage after being arrested and jailed in 1958 for breaking a Virginia miscegenation law.
  • World Vision President Richard Stearns’ The Hole in Our Gospel.  I’m preparing to lead a book study/Bible study on God’s heart for the poor and His call for justice in the world.  I needed some of this to refocus this week.

Yeah, that Pedagogy book from the last two weeks is still staring me down.  Like I said, it was a busy week.  That’s all for now!  Gotta rest up for a chili party.  Peace.



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