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Stuff 02-11-12

February 12, 2012

I’m getting a little bored with the title of these weekend links posts.  I’m now officially opening comments for suggestions.

Stuff I started (and finished):

The Dispreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart.  Recommended to me by Bonus Catholic Friend who called it “the anti-Twilight.”  It was a fun and fast read AND a young adult novel (a genre to which I’m happy to see fine contributions like this added).

Stuff I keep re-starting:

Pedagogy of the Oppressed.  I hope this won’t be my non-fiction Anna Karenina.  That novel is the great white whale of my reading life.  I think it’s harder to finish because I know what happens.  Anna, not Pedagogy.  I have no idea how that turns out.

More stuff I read about wimmin’:

If you saw my post earlier this week, you’ll have read the better part of what I read this week on the subject of women and their awesomeness.  But here’s a couple more I actually saw in the last two days.

  • Apparently, the Census Bureau counts fathers caring for their own children as child care workers.  It’s called parenting, America.  And a little p.s. from my husband, whose comment on Facebook made him quotable in our social media circles: “The next time I hear a father say this I just might have to slap him. This has happened because that’s how the majority of dads see it. Step up guys. You’re the parent.” (it’s a pet peeve of his, can ya tell?)
  • Women made a tiny move toward being able to fight in front-lines combat this week.  I have mixed feelings on all this because I don’t really want anyone fighting (at least not if we can help it and many, many times we can), but I also know women aren’t being promoted because they lack combat experience (“the brass ceiling”).  I also know that change is incremental, usually too slow, and this issue is made more complicated because of how and where we do war.  Rick Santorum, as politicians do when going for sound bite over substance, made some lame comments this week, then tried to walk them back.  He failed, IMO (“no, no, I was talking about how MEN have too many emotions” *Sure, sure*).  I heard one of the best conversations on this issue over a year ago on the Kojo Nnamdi show, from (gasp!) people who actually know what the heck they’re talking about.

Sports I watched (I know, right?!)

  • Superbowl.  Nope, I don’t remember who won.  Not the Patriots, right?  I’m a little sad Madonna fell down.  That was personally scary for me.  I hate falling.  Even sadder MIA (who IS that, anyway?  I’m so frikkin’ old) was invited.  Loved “Like a Prayer.”  Was the weirdo at the Superbowl party who participated in this exchange:

Guy I don’t know: Why is she down on her knees like that?  What is she doing?

Me: That’s evocative of the video.  She danced like that in the original video.

Yup. Madonna nerd.

  • Duke vs. Carolina game.  WHAT WHAT! I actually gave up in the last 14 seconds.  I turned to the hubs (a misguided Carolina fan) and said, “well, I guess it’s over.” To which he responded, “You never know.  14 seconds.  There could be some heroics.”  And then they frikkin’ WON at the buzzer, dude!  On cue, my man smirked, “See?  Heroics.”  I swear we should have our own sitcom.
  • This last one, I haven’t watched yet, but everyone I like (not everyone I know, but everyone I like) is talking about Jeremy Lin’s game.  This article about his Asian-American fans was touching and an under-told story I think.  Here’s another about his faith.  I can hear the Tebowers swooning to have a b-ball champ for Jesus.

Stuff that made me sad just today:

Whitney Houston gave my childhood and adolescence its soundtrack.  I remember singing her early music on the swings when I was eight.  I remember “My Name is Not Susan” blaring in the shop radio in my 8th grade woodworking class.  I remember babysitting for a couple going to see The Bodyguard and wondering if that movie was worth more than its soundtrack.  It wasn’t.  I remember being dragged by a friend to see The Preacher’s Wife and forming among a small but excited contingent of white teenage girls going to see Waiting to Exhale just so we could cheer when Angela Basset set that guy’s car on fire.

I saw an interview where Penny Marshall said Whitney led the choir past “Cut!” during filming. Rejoice in His presence, Whitney.  We will always love you.

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  1. nikki permalink
    February 12, 2012 5:06 am

    dude, time to go watch Jeremy Lin highlights on YouTube. So many to choose from! No excuses!

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