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Project Simplify Gone Awry: Week 1, Kids’ Stuff

March 10, 2012

Last month, I told y’all I would be attempting Tsh Oxenrider’s (aka: Simple Mom) Project Simplify challenge.  Every week, she posts a new area of your home to whip into shape.  Looking around my house, I realized if I was going to play with the other Beckies, I’d need a bigger whip:

A sword might be helpful, too, for that matter

I had hoped this week to work on reorganizing our living room play area, but it didn’t come off as planned.  For weeks, I’ve been looking at Ikea, Craigs List, and DIY sites trying to find some sort of affordable table/shelving situation that would allow me to stow away the kids’ things.  I kept hitting dead ends.  Everything I liked was totally out of the budget.  I decided to wait for a spring consignment sale in the hopes that a solution could be found there in the form of cheap furniture.  Also, I was also a little distracted because I spent most of this week strategizing how I could get as much free Chick-fil-a breakfast food as possible.

This? FREE? Decluttering can tooooootally wait.

We have three-and-a-half Chick-fil-A stores near our house (the half is the one at the mall which could never be a whole CFA because it lacks the essential play area/kid terrarium).  A friend and I have breakfast at one every week on Tuesday.  Last week, while we were celebrating the first anniversary of the spicy chicken sandwich (with a free spicy chicken sandwich), we saw a sign for CFA’s free breakfast week.  We went a little nuts planning our trips to CFA.  My friend works part-time, so on the days she had to work, she would hit the drive-thru and text me whatever breakfast entree they were serving.  Halfway through the week, we switched things up and went to a different CFA for breakfast because our local store was getting hip to our game.  A server actually asked my friend, “Hey, weren’t you here yesterday?”  I managed to eat CFA breakfast almost every day this week without breaking my fast (ie: I’d eat the chicken and give the biscuit to a kid) or breaking the bank.

This is where my head was during week 1 of the decluttering and organizing challenge.  So I reset my course to tackling something more doable: the kids clothes.  We had stacks of last year’s spring and summer clothes in the closet, and the kids have outgrown a pair or two of decent tennis shoes.  I started compiling everything we had that we could sell.  Part of my motivation for consigning is that consignors get to go in and shop the night before the sale opens.  I was really pulling for a miraculous furniture find.

But consigning is tedious work.  I had to first inspect everything and then go through and decide what would be good for the sale and what should just be donated or repurposed.  Here’s where we landed:

Big ol' pile of stuff to sell. Potential gross for these items: $110. (And the sale gets almost half that, but whatevs.)

This is all that was left to donate!

I got rid of a lot and was able to go shopping with the early birds. There was a ton of loot.  The sale is held in a church, so we were treated to easy listening from our local Christian radio station.  I even had a little Becky Not Becky moment when a guy called in to the station so he could propose to his girlfriend on live radio.  The woman standing next to me in the Boys’ 5-6 held her hand up to her mouth and said, “Awww, I think I’m going to cry!”  I responded inappropriately of course, “Ya think she’s gonna have to call in to give her answer? Heh heh.”  The shopper was not amused.

Racks and racks of only occasionally overpriced Gymboree-with-the-tags-still-on clothes.

Pre-licked baby toys that grandparents paid retail for!

Unfortunately, the closest thing I could find to what I wanted furniture-wise was an unsuitably short train table.  But I made out like a bandit on clothes!  I got an insane fire truck for my son and a Pooh picnic set and Melissa & Doug birthday cake set for my daughter—all for $12.  I even got Zen Ties for a dollar.  What what!  I feel like a Yankee talking about money like this, but with these deals, who cares!

Ikea's big blue bag is the only one that can handle this level of shopping. I brought two just in case.

So I guess, technically, I did some reorganizing in the “declutter and replace” sense.  But we’re set for summer! (And fwiw, I had to Google whether or not to capitalize “summer.”  From what I can tell, no one on the internet knows, either.  I’m making a stand for lower casing.)  I was also inspired by how Tsh handles puzzles, so I may be in the market soon for a bunch of those pencil pouches.

Next week is kitchen reorg.  And I’m cheating because we’re already doing that a little.  Hubs has been sanding down cabinets just this morning.  We’re totally going to win next week’s challenge (though I don’t think it’s really a competition, per se).  See y’all next week!

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  1. March 13, 2012 1:12 am

    I randomly clicked on your link up to Tsh’s Project Simplify post. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your writing. The caption about “pre-licked toys bought at retail by grandparents” has already made me laugh out loud twice : )

  2. TCF permalink
    March 14, 2012 7:14 pm

    Zen Ties! I love Jon Muth. 🙂


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