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Project Simplify Gone Awry, Late Edition: Week 3, Closets and Other Messes

March 26, 2012

Well this has been a relatively unproductive week of homemaking.  I know, SHOCKER.  Monday, we did buy some furniture and managed to catch up to week 1 of Project Simplify (kids’ stuff).  Way to go Simplify D-Team!

Hoorah for hiding all (or at least most of) the kids' crap!

And no, my living room doesn’t have a magical glow ball in the corner.  That’s just how my iPhone reacts to the 1-of-4 lamp over there (1-of-4 meaning we got it in a box of four similarly-styled lamps of various sizes, because we’re so classy about decor that we pick one lamp and stick with it throughout the whole house).  We got the furniture from Costco and I’m not ashamed of that at all.  Everyone should buy their furniture the same place they buy their pork chops.  My husband put the whole thing together in about an hour and after another hour of cleaning, sorting and discarding…VOILA!  Labeled bins of stuff instead of overflowed hodge podge o’ baskets and lidless Rubbermaid Lego tubs.  So that was a win, but like I said, a late entry given that the initial kids’ stuff challenge was about three weeks ago.

Aaannnd, our kitchen still has no doors.  We made zero progress on the cabinets this week.  We had people come through the house early in the week and we were totally basking in the awesome of our new furniture purchase.  But, we need doors!  I think I served a kid soup in a nest of fur on Tuesday.  In my defense, it was very bowl-like.  We managed to vacuum a few times because social worker types were coming over to see Batman (or foster son’s superhero pseudonym) and nothing says “Remove this baby. We’ve made a horrible, horrible mistake!” like an unvacuumed floor.  The kitchen is on the back-burner until we can get a handle on the new three-kids situation.  My parents are planning a trip up soon to see us, so maybe we can tackle the cabinets once reinforcements have arrived.

So, this week’s challenge was closets.  Closets are where I’ve been putting all the stuff we’ve been cleaning out of other things.  RAH!  Is it too late to cry foul and say I was tricked into this?  This feels like a trick.  We did need to get Batman’s clothes put away since we found out this week he will be staying for quite a while.  Right now half of his stuff is in my older son’s bedroom (where Batman sleeps) and the other half is in my daughter’s bedroom (where Batman’s stuff sleeps).

Can't. muster. strength. Closet. too. scary.

Yeah, there are no doors here either.  It’s like we have a “no doors” policy.  We actually have one door for this closet, but it only goes halfway.  And I would never go with just one door.  To me, the closet would look like it’s winking at me and that creeps me out.  Stop scoffing, like you don’t anthropomorphize things around your house.

Here’s a little tour around that closet for all of you who are interested (and I know you really really are).  That dresser thing was once a changing table.  We quickly learned after moving into a three-story townhouse that changing tables are fairly useless.  You can change a baby on almost any surface and you get real creative if your home base for hiney-wiping is two flights up.  So we stash diapers, etc. throughout the house instead and stash the changing table in a closet.  Thus, we have empty “changing table” drawers and that works for Batman (mostly because he’s clueless and has no opinion in these matters), but it means all his clothes are in the girl’s room. :/

The two bags in the floor of the closet hold the clothes the social worker brought for Batman that were too small or too hot to wear.  We’re going to box those up and send them home, but for now, they’re hanging out in the closet with all the more useful stuff.  As you can see, almost all of the hanging clothes are his.  They also need a new home.  There’s also a weak attempt to organize based on a “pick your kids’ clothes out for the week and put it in a hanging closet organizer” idea I saw on various blogs, etc. until it seemed like genius to me.  I bought one for my boy and one for my girl and announced that [dum-da-da-DUM!] we would have clothes in it for every day of the week!  I’ve never used them because I’ve never had both (a) enough clothes clean to make a week’s worth of outfits and, (b) a reliable week of weather reporting that didn’t call for revision day-to-day or even hour-to-hour.

That mess in the top of the closet is how I do nostalgia.  (Read: No scrapbooking.)  I like to save certain outfits, etc. and put them in a large bin/unburied time capsule of sentimental items.  That bin is currently in the basement and it’s full.  My sentiment runneth over.  Some of the things in the top there are those sentimental clothes, other items include your typical top-of-the-closet fare: a few things my girl’s outgrown, my husband’s grandfather’s bicentennial hat (everyone’s got one in their daughter’s closet, no?) and my 3-year-old girl’s crib bumper set (how do you get rid of that, for real!?  What if she were to become a baby again?  Won’t I need that?).  What you won’t see up there is my wedding dress preserved in a box—so HA!—because that’s in the top of my son’s closet.  There is no method to this madness, I tell you.

What’s worse is because of that awesome consignment sale I ransacked a couple weeks ago, I now have both winter and summer clothes all mixed up together in some weird pile of capri cargos and fuzzy cotton pants in and on my daughter’s dresser:

The rare 1-of-1 lamp.

Our mid-Atlantic weather has been mid 50’s to mid 80’s for the past month, so I am vacillating between seasonal clothing and feel like I can’t put anything away yet.  It’s just a MESS. I’m not even sure how my son’s plaid pillow got in that picture.  It’s as if little elves (likely the ones I birthed, but you never know…) keep moving things when I’m not looking.

This is as far as I got in the challenge this week when I was hit late Thursday/early Friday with another round of the stomach flu. That makes 3 times in 6 weeks.  I’m a walking petri dish with mothering and organizing responsibilities.  Let’s just say that regaining control of my, errrr, bodily faculties became priority number 1 this weekend.

So not only is this edition of Project Simplify blogging late, it is yet unfinished!  It’s troubling putting out “before” pictures with no sparkly “after” to redeem them, but I’m hoping this week I’ll finish the month well.  Thankfully, Tsh built in some grace by making week 4 our personal pick, so my pick will be getting all this done, or at least more done.

In the meantime, I will regain my intestinal fortitude and earnestly try not to acquire more baby things to add to the piles.  Except this one thing I saw on Pinterest for him (I’m hoping if I keep mentioning Pinterest, like, in every post, people will start to think I invented it):

Does this come in mommy sizes? 'Cause I could really use one now that my Girl Scout cookies have been delivered.

Praying peace and order for your homes this week.

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  1. Kate permalink
    March 26, 2012 5:30 am

    The bins turned out great! 🙂

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