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Project Simplify Gone Awry: Week 4, The Finish Line (or the Swedish line)

March 31, 2012

Another crazy week, another late entry.

I dedicated this week to catching up and finishing well.  Or more like: errrr, well…finishing.  Going into the week I still had that closet to tackle and I was hoping to accomplish a couple other things: 1) read something 2) clean out a few drawers in a few places.

Muahaha! Remember ME?!!! (You can't hear, but I'm screaming on the inside)

We had an off week with Batman.  After two weeks of telling people what an awesome sleeper he was, we got our comeuppance.  Early on in the week, he woke up around midnight (or 3:00 am) and just started hollerin’.  Our Kindergartner ended up in our bed almost every night.  Which is bittersweet : sweet because when he sleeps I can still see my first baby in his expressions and bitter because a five-year-old’s knee really smarts when it hits your boob.

Somewhere around Wednesday, our big boy asked when Batman was going home.  :/ The honeymoon had ended, and he wanted a full night’s sleep.  I can’t blame him. Thursday night was the worst.  It had the hubs and I recalling the big boy’s epic three AM yell-a-thon in our old apartment when he was a baby. An angry upstairs neighbor came banging on the door breathing threats and speaking on behalf of the whole building (don’t know if there was a meeting and he was the assigned delegate or if he just presumed this authority.  Didn’t really matter because it scared the crap out of us and did the job either way!).

At this point, it’s hard to tell what the sleep-buster might be.  Batman had a birth family visit this week, so it could be separation anxiety.  It could be that he missed a few morning naps because of our regularly scheduled programming, and that got him off.  He’s going to walk any day, so it could be a developmental thing.  He’s been hungrier lately, so maybe we should up his volume or add a feeding before bed.  Our Kindergartner could be talking in his sleep and waking him up.  He’s been in a pack-and-play for a while, perhaps a crib would fix this. I HAVE NO IDEA.

The challenge of this situation is to keep pressing buttons until something works, but only press a button or two at a time so we can isolate the determining variable.  (We should collect and save all this info for future science fair projects.)  Thankfully, the kids have spring break this week, so we can do a little experimenting without it affecting their schooling.  For now, we’re all (with the exception of my daughter who could sleep through a tornado) walking around like zombies.  So what do you do with a sleep-deprived family?  You take them all to Ikea!

Trusting in the meatball to keep our family together.

It was a successful trip (and by successful I mean every one of the three children whined and complained throughout).  We got our daughter a new bed in the hopes that moving Batman into what was her crib-made-toddler bed-made-back-into-crib we could get everybody into a more permanent sleeping situation.

In preparation for this round of musical beds, I cleaned out the closet and put everyone’s clothes where they should go.  We turned the Kindergartner’s bed around to expose the drawers we’d been hiding underneath since we moved into our house four years ago.  The boy was two when he got that bed and immediately deduced that he fit perfectly inside an empty drawer and could close it from inside.  In keeping with my motherhood motto: “Our family will not be on the news for crap like that,” we turned the bed so the drawers would be inaccessible against the wall.  Now that everyone is more mature (we hope), I felt safe to put all Batman’s clothes in those two drawers so he could, ya know, have his stuff in his room.

Batman's drawers. I wonder what kind of weirdos will come to the blog with those search terms...

With those clothes gone, I was able to sort through the rest of that mess in my girl’s closet.  I boxed some of it up for consigning in the fall and then another lot of it went into a bin for a yard sale we’ll have some day.  I managed to read something this week, thanks in part to the peer pressure I’ve been experiencing from friends on GoodReads, and I got through the better part of Tsh’s Organized Simplicity.  Somewhere in the middle, she suggests combing the house for a yard sale and setting a date for that sucker.  I say in all seriousness that her common sense advice there is exactly what I needed to hear.  All this stuff I’m complaining about all the time could be GONE.  And we might make $5 doing it.  Hallelujah!

Just look at all the space! You could even change a baby in there! Not our baby, he's enormous and changing him is like rodeo-wrestling a terrified/pissed-off calf, but somebody else's baby, sure!

I even marked the consignment box and wrote “Fall” on it so I would have the hope that it, too, would leave my frikkin’ house one day.  Glorious cleaning!  I hate it with an undying malice, but I love the results (even if it’s just one piece of one room)!  I was in a state of hyper-exhausted euphoria after that and decided to go after a drawer or two while my girl was at preschool and Batman took a nap.

If you haven't read this blog, read it right after you finish reading mine. It's waaaay better.

I decided my next victim, I mean uhhh, project, yeah PROJECT, would be the drawers in my bedroom.  Not the clothes drawers, those I shove underwear, etc. in and shut really fast so none of the socks can escape.  I went for the nightstand drawers and the drawers of my grandmother’s writing desk:

Hair things, nail polish, and Bible verses. It's as if Samson and Delilah share a nightstand. #Biblehumor #whyamIusinghashtagsonablog

Aren't you impressed with my reading selections and new found neatness? I'm so hip.

This drawer is the dumping ground of my reading/writing conveyor: all the journals I’ve written in (for about 3 pages) and all the books I’ve read halfway in the last year (because they got bumped for books I placed ON TOP of the nightstand). This is also where I keep my mega-hot wrist and hand splints.  You know you want one.  Know what *I* want?  A wrist splint that looks like Wonder Woman’s arm cuffs.  That would be awesome.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is no match for Diana Prince.

I’m not disclosing the contents of my writing desk because I’m only halfway through that project and, to be honest, it’s probably going to get backburnered because of this whole “We have to build a bed from scratch” thing on tap today.  Don’t you just love Ikea?  They lure you in with cheap prices and Swedish meatball deliciousness and then you go home with three boxes full o’bed that you have to put together with stick-figured pictographs as your guide. *sigh*

I’m just thrilled I made it through this whole month of simplification/complication.  It’s probably going to be a contested one, but for now I’ll take the win.

Happy April, y’all!

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  1. TCF permalink
    April 2, 2012 1:06 am

    Ikea instructions.

    • TCF permalink
      April 2, 2012 1:11 am

      In the early years, removing Diana’s bracelets could increase her power tenfold, but she was subject to some kind of berserker rages with them off. Nowadays she can channel Zeus’ lightning through them, and when she slams them together she can create a concussive force capable of making Superman’s ears bleed. /nerdly

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