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Coming Soon! Probably!

August 27, 2014

Hello from the far-reaches of the Summer Vacation that Never Ends! I can’t wait for school to start. Come September 2nd, if you need me, I’ll be roaming the streets singing praises to God.

I’ve been devoting more time to other writing endeavors since the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri a few weeks ago. Like many of you, I’m deeply disturbed by our national apathy about what has been happening there. If you’re so inclined, you may visit me there and we can catch up a bit.

I’ll be back around these parts once the kids return to school next week. You’re probably wondering, “what in the world would keep you Virginians from starting school when the everyone else does?” My hand to God, y’all, it’s because of a theme park.


Learning is better. You kids should be in SCHOOL.

I only popped by to put in a little plug for an upcoming post on my lobbying adventures with Advocates for Arthritis. I’m going to be walking and writing during Invisible Illness Awareness Week, so that means I’ll definitely have an RA flare around that time. It’s gonna be swell. Get it? Swell! Man, this room’s tougher than a frequently-used injection site.

If you’ve been following me these last few years, you know I hate making writing promises because I’m just bad at follow-through (for reasons not entirely under my control). But I want to make more space for my battles with RA precisely because a lot of it is fought behind-the-scenes (thus lending to the illusion that I am, in fact, a superhero).

I know lobbying adventures aren’t that exciting for some of you, but unlikely things can happen when you put a hoard of travel/disease-fatigued ornery people on a mission to meet their reluctant representatives.

Been watching West Wing all summer to get ready.

And when Congress is in session, there’s no telling how crazy it will get. Like that time one of the doctors grabbed Ron Paul for pictures…


…and I became his BFF.



More accurately, I scared him a little by putting my arm around him, but, hey, BUDDIES. I collect libertarians for fun.

So mark your calendars and I’ll stock up on anti-inflammatories and meet you back here in a few!


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