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Several years ago, Christianity Today featured an article on the demographic that most contemporary Christian music stations target with their advertising. That demographic had a code name: Becky.

As a young mother, I’ve spent several years trying to overcome that stereotype.  You know the one.  The soccer mom, working on her Bible study in the carpool, generally oblivious to the world that exists outside her suburban comfort zone.

She makes long to-do lists that are full of domestic chores.  She reads, but most of it is books on parenting.  She is good at crafts.  She goes to MOPS.  She uses phrases like “comfort zone.”

In some ways, being a mom has made me Becky.  In other ways, I have intentionally and accidentally defied those expectations and intermittently become the anti-Becky.  I’ve tried earnestly to take my place and join her club and failed at every turn.  I’ve found beauty in the simplicity and chaos of her lifestyle, and yet mocked its sentimentality and lack of sophistication.

This blog is about how one woman lives like a Becky, but is doing her best to be her own person: to love and serve God with appreciation and gratitude for the woman He made her to be.  It’s not a mommy blog in the traditional, here’s pictures of my kid in the paddle pool, sense.   I have no advice to offer on scrapbooking or how to organize your life.  Frankly, I don’t think lives clean up that easy.

So welcome to my world. Your world. Our world.  Consider yourself invited to sit with me at this little window and chat about all that we see (and what we’d rather be looking at instead).

PS-My name isn’t really Becky. It’s a metaphor. Go with it.

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  1. Amy H permalink
    September 30, 2014 6:23 pm

    You are funny…read through you quitting MOPs twice. Maybe we can be friends!!


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